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15 years of trust, commitment, dedication, and timely delivery has what made Yogi Group a renowned brand in the Real Estate industry today. Yogi Developers is a company that focuses on building havens layered with luxury living, comfortable lifestyle, ample open spaces, technologically advanced homes, modern Interiors, and a Promise to satisfy customers by creating a world of happiness which will inspire their life forever. Our full spectrum of housing and real estate is sold near Navi Mumbai including flats 1 and 2 BHK residential flats in Airoli.



1+ Lakh


core values

Core Values


To ensure absolute fairness in all that we do.


To be true to our words and not make false claims and promises


Every single person in the organization is responsible for his/her actions and can be held accountable for what they do.


Staying grounded to our roots in spite of tremendous fame and success.


To be a trusted brand that stays committed to its word


Mr. Bharat Karotra
Mr. Bharat M. Karotra (Partner)

Coming fom the construction family and involved in the building materials. Journey started vision in mind to creat empire in Real Estate to give quality home to buyers. Focus in doing partnership with right people. He Succeeded in redefine construction standards.

He is capability to work closely with architect as well as engineers to go over plans.This has resulted in the group delivering some of the finest commercial and residential infrastructure.

Mr. Bharat Karotra
Mr. Prabhu H. Bhrasadiya (Partner)

He plays a major role in the construction. A talented person doing hardwork and vast experience in the construction field. Have significantly contributed to the growth and the success of the company

He is having tremendous experience and knowledge about all the construction and civil work. This has resulted in the group delivering some of the finest commercial and residential infrastructure.

Mr. Bharat Karotra
Mr. Rajesh K. Jayswal (Partner)

Visionary par excellence, he is responsible for steering Yogi Group into a widely recognized brand. Equipped with tremendous industry knowledge and expertise. Under his leadership, the company has created some of the iconic architectures by adapting to challenging market trends, resourceful planning, an unwavering focus on quality and customer-oriented designs.

He has always been an optimistic person and a very good team player, also being calm under extreme pressure is something he has achieved over the past year

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